Challenge Matt

Matt has agreed to do a skydive for our charity Help a Capital Child. So we thought we'd give him some warm up challenges... Each day this week we will challenge Matt, starting off nice and easy with a merry go round in the Red Dargon Centre... Will he be successful?

If you would like to support 'Help a Capital Child' and sponsor Matt, you can do so by giving here...

Or if you would like to take part and do a skydive yourself go to and click on South Wales

Challenge 4 - Friday - Aberdare leisure centre diving board

So final day and we're testing his height fear as we make him jump off the top diving board...


Challenge 3 - Thursday - Boulders climbing

So today we're testing his height fear as we make him climb a wall and then jump the leap of faith...


Challenge 2 - Wednesday - Matt is at Team Sport Karting in Cardiff

How well can he hold his nerves driving around as he gets bashed around by a Team Sport pro.

Challenge 1 - Tuesday - Andy Pandy Merry Go Round

We are starting him on a fairly easy task.... Andy Pandy's merry go round!!