About Kam...

Name: Kam Kelly

Ideal night out: A few mates and drinks in a proper pub! None of this gastro pub rubbish!

First single you ever bought: Falco – Rock Me Amadeus

Favourite album: Dr Dre – 2001

Favourite movie: So many but we’ll say Weird Science

Favourite tipple: A nice cold lager

Favourite holiday destination:  Italy

1st childhood memory:  Falling off my scooter

Party trick: Mean ass juggler!

Most likely to say: Who’s coming out tonight?

Least likely to say: Cats are awesome and so loving and not mean and selfish and so loyal and generally man’s best friend!

Hobbies: Films……and beer!

Biggest lie I've ever told: "“I’ve never told a lie before”

If I wasn't me I'd like to be: Matt Damon

Life ambition: Doing it

Idol/Hero and why: Any one of the many presenters I listened to as a kid who made me wanna work in radio.

Top five dinner party guests (dead or alive): 5 of the wost guests off “come dine with me” cos decent people shouldn’t be subject to my cooking.

Most scared of: Failing

Best Celebrity story: Don’t know about story as such, but being thanked on a “Girls Aloud” album was awesome!

The worst job I’ve ever had: Telelesales for a computer firm, coz then like now, I know nothing about computers

The strangest thing I’ve ever seen: Sally chatting up a bloke in a bar. But fair play, she’s married to him now.

One thing that you couldn’t live without: Beer

My Worst Fashion disaster was: Yesterday, is today and will be tomorrow

Not many people know this about me but: My mum used to be a dj and my dad, in his native Poland used to be a famous actor

The best bit of advice my mother told me was: Honesty is the best policy. And keep yourself nice

Favourite place in Wales: Penarth

Favourite Welsh Celebrity: Without a shadow of a doubt, “SHAKIN STEVENS”