Welsh MP's Debate Iraq Air Strikes

26 September 2014, 13:57 | Updated: 30 March 2016, 13:50

Opinion among Welsh MPs on whether the UK should join airstrikes on extremists in Iraq is split.

A debate is taking place in Parliament on how best to tackle Islamic State militants - followed by a vote.

Former Welsh Secretary and Neath MP Peter Hain says: "If people in the region want us to help - whether that's the Kurds or the Iraqi government - then we should help.

"ISIS threatens the whole of the region and is operating in a barbaric, medieval way and, ultimately, it could destroy the future of stability and peace in that region unless it's dealt with".

Arfon MP Hywel Williams is worried airstrikes will only lead to more conflict. He said: "We fear that airstrikes are going to lead to furher problems as we have seen in Afghanistan and also in Iraq in the past.

"We hope that the Iraqi army will be strengthened and trained by our intervention and will be able to take on this vicious and evil organisation."