The First Minister Calls For More Powers

There are calls for Wales to be offered the same new powers as Scotland.

The First Minister's been speaking at Labour's Annual Conference, following Friday's "NO" referendum result.

Carwyn Jones says he hopes to see his party brought back to life:

"The conversation we need now must take in all the four nations - Wales, Scotland, England, Northern Ireland - together"

"It must address the needs and responsibilties of all"

Mr Jones has outlined what he wants to see done, including the Wales Bill being delivered and the recommendations of Part II of the Silk Commission taken forward.

He says he's got the backing of Labour's leader Ed Miliband:

"I know that Ed gets this, that's why he's promised to address the historic underfunding of Wales"

"When he came to Wales earlier this year, he promised a new Wales Bill that would give us reserved powers, the model of devolution that we want, that would end the tug of war between Whitehall and Wales"

The First Minister says whatever happens, change is needed:

"Whitehall has had a dead hand around the throat of enterprise, innovation and radicalism for too long and that's as true in Sunderland as it is in Swansea or Stirling"

"But we don't need independence to fix that, we just need a devolution settlement that works"