Improved Rail Services For The Valleys

The Prime Minister says the south Wales Valleys are “finally” getting the investment they need.

David Cameron has announced plans to electrify rail routes to Cardiff, in a new funding deal with the Welsh Government.

Improvements would be noticed by those who travel from places like Merthyr or Treherbert to the capital.

It’s hoped electrification will cut commuter times from over an hour, to just under 50 minutes.

Mr Cameron says it’s well over due:

“I think this is important”

“You’ve got to think of these Valley communities that have had these railway lines that historically were based on coal and so weren’t really about helping move people rapidly so they can be more connected for work purposes”.

The Prime Minister’s been in Newport, to speak at the UK Investment Summit at the Celtic Manor.

He says bettering the Valleys Line will bring more jobs to south Wales.

The UK Government is footing most of the bill for this after an ongoing row with the Welsh Government.

Mr Cameron says our First Minister should be happy with the deal:

“We are digging deep to make sure this goes ahead”

“Any independent adjudicator would accept that the UK Government has bent over backwards to be generous and find a way through this”.

Carwyn Jones says he’s “delighted” with the agreement.

We're told electrification will start in a few years' time - the mainline should be ready by 2018.