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Don't expect a chapter-by-chapter insight in to my life, or even a few odd well-constructed paragraphs.

It's not "one of those" blogs.

But what I can show you is a link to "Let The Sun Shine" man Labrinth, who's put together a track using t-shirts.

Talented man.

Click here and check it out.


And feast your peepers on this, I like it a lot. Una from the Saturdays' boyfriend Ben making the most from her falling asleep on his lap.



This is the most ridiculous thing I have seen for a while. The most illegal wrestling move ever! My favourite bit is at 2.15. I would advise against doing it on a night out.

Here it is


You know when you're out and you see someone that looks like a celebrity... well I was out with my girlfriend and she spotted a lookalike and thought it would be nice to tell them. It would have been nice if they looked like say Brad Pitt, or Robert Pattinson. Except the person they looked like was this guy...aka Thumb man.



10/03/2011 - The List of Girlfriend Don’ts

I am hopeless with girls. It really surprises me (and most people I know) that I have a girlfriend. I just have a habit of doing and saying entirely the wrong things. The kinds of things that make girls phone their mates up and moan about you. So, in an effort to help others not make the same mistakes as me, I’ve started the list of girlfriend don’ts. These are things I have done and said to my poor girlfriend, that you NEVER should. The list is below…

1. When you find out you can’t go to her best mates wedding – don’t celebrate.

2. If she says on the phone ‘you don’t want to talk to me right now, do you? Don’t say    ‘no, I’m a bit bored actually’. (Especially if it’s a long distance relationship.)  

3. Whatever happens, when she says I’ve got fat…do not EVER stay silent. EVER.

4. Somebody tells her she looks like a famous celebrity. Like say January Jones from Mad Men. Even if she doesn’t look like her, DO NOT say ‘ooh she’s really pretty, but you don’t look like her’. If you do, she will hate you for at least a day.

5. This is one that one of my friends did, with his brand new girlfriend. Poor her. Hilarious though. She said the big I LOVE YOU for the first time ever and he said 'I thought you did'. Probably the WORST response. What a silly billy.


If you are planning on going to the Summertime Ball you're gonna have to know how to do one thing...


LMFAO who are at the ball are here to show you some moves....


Have you seen Cee-lo Green and the floating piano at America's Billboard Music Awards?

Can't wait to see him at the Summertime Ball now. Wonder what tricks he'll bring to Wembley


How's this for two peas in a pod?

Can you spot the difference between Mystic Meg and Jessie J?

Brit Awards Mystic Meg


Here's the one thing that Aston from JLS would like to erase from his past