Southampton Man Invents Special Pillow!

New invention 'The Ostrich Pillow' lets you sleep at your desk at work. It's been designed by a Hampshire architect and is now getting interest from all over the world.

31 year old Ali Ganjavian is from Southampton although he now lives in Spain.

He says he invented the pillow because his own job is so demanding and he would often need to take naps:

"I work quite long hours and would often need a small sleep in the office but it can get quite uncomfortable sitting with your head on the desk and I was finding it hard to switch off from everything around me, so I came up with 'The Ostrich Pillow'.

"It basically works like a big hat which comes right up to your neck and has two holes at the sides to put your hands in. It's really snug and cuts out a lot of the noise around you - but crucially, it means you can't see anyone as you try to sleep and no-one can see you.

The Ostrich pillow allows you to nap at your desk

"After we made it, I realised that other people might want something similar - not just to use at work, but on the train, on a bus or on an aeroplane. It's just a really good way to have a nap!"

Ali put his idea on facebook and already has more than 46000 likes - it's also generating interest from all over the world - especially in America.

"I've had quite a lot of interest from companies out there - I think there's been a gap in the market for something like this. More importantly it makes you smile when you look at it and I think that's a good sign" he added.

"When people first started using umbrella's people must have looked at them and thought 'Whast is that?!' but now everyone uses them. That's what inovation is about - getting people's attention."

Ali is hoping to get his profuct produced very soon and has already had thousands of pounds worth of orders. He's also looking at designing a special range for children.

Fancy a nap?!