Search For Wickes Fraudster

Sussex police are looking for a fraudster who's stolen 9-thousand pounds from Wickes DIY stores across the South East.

They say that on more than 35 occasions Wickes stores have been defrauded by a man who takes items off the shelf and goes to the till to gain a refund for a product he has not bought.

They think 37 frauds totaling around £9,000 have taken place in 13 counties, including Hampshire.

PC Richard Valder-Davis of Brighton and Hove Response Investigation Team said:

"This man appears to be travelling across the south east and further to carry out these frauds at Wickes stores.

"He enters the shops and takes an item from the shelves, generally kitchen items, then takes them to the till and claims to have
previously bought the product but no longer has the receipt.

"He is then given a refund or credit note.

"We are keen to identify this man or anyone who may have information about who is carrying out these frauds."

Officers think he's struck in London, Sussex, Hampshire, Kent, Hertfordshire, Essex, Thames Valley area, Bedfordshire, Northampton,
Leicestershire, Warwickshire, West midlands and Wiltshire between August 2011 and January 2012.

The man is described as white, between 5'8'' to 5'10'', aged in his late 40s.

He is described as looking 'unclean' with black teeth, some of which are missing.

He has worn a green farmer's style cap with grey hair showing at the side with black or grey facial stuble. He has also worn a grey scarf, green duffle-style coat and blue jeans.

Anyone with information is asked to contact Sussex Police on 101.