Police Warning After Student Burglary

Police in Southampton are warning students to make sure their homes are as secure as possible to help stop them falling victim to burglaries.

It is after a burglary on Saturday 23 February in Holyrood Avenue, Highfield where a home occupied by students was targeted by a burglar.

They took a laptop worth around £500 and around £80 in cash along with £9 worth of Romanian LEU notes.

It's believed the burglar climbed up a drainpipe to gain access through a window left open above a door after probably getting in through an insecure garden gate.

Detective constable Jenna Osman said: "Every so often student homes get targeted by burglars, often because they have small valuable items like laptops and phones that can be quickly and easily stolen by opportunist burglars who usually get in through open doors or windows.

"This particular burglary occurred when residents were in the house but away from their ground floor bedroom. I would urge all students to please make every effort to avoid becoming a victim by securing your valuables even if you are not very far away.

"If you move in to your student rented house to find the rear of the property is not very secure, then make sure your landlord is contacted to see if improvements can be made. In this case there was a very low fence and no lock on the garden gate.

"I would also urge anyone with information about this particular burglary to get in touch with me."

Anyone with information are asked to call DC Osman at Bitterne CID on 101 or call Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.