New Forest: Woman Attacked By Men In Garden

1 November 2013, 17:16 | Updated: 30 March 2016, 13:50

Police in Hythe are investigating a terrifying attack on a mum who'd gone outside to look for her cat.

While her young children slept upstairs, the woman, 33, went to the Beech Crescent garden at about 10pm Wednesday, October 23.  She was grabbed by a man hiding behind her gazebo sheeting and felt an unknown object held to her throat.
She told police:  “I was pulled the other side of the sheeting directly behind the patio doors.  I immediately felt something pushing against my throat, and I was paralysed by fear.  I just wanted to get away, but could not shout through fear.”
Two other men were seen, and all three men hit the woman in the face, causing bruising and cuts.
They whispered abuse of a racist nature to her.  They knew the names of her children and threatened her and the children, if she went to the police.
All three men had English accents.  They wore dark clothing and covered their faces with dark masks with the eye holes cut out.
PC Ian McKay is investigating the incident.  Anyone with information about the attackers is asked to contact him at Hythe police station on 101.