New Electric Car Charging Bays In Portsmouth

POLAR, UK's largest publically available electric vehicle charging network, opens in Gunwharf Quays today.

Gunwharf Quay's electric vehicle bays are located on the Upper Level in the blue section of the car park near to the exit.

Portsmouth is granted an 'EV Ready' status - meaning it has a network of 40 bay - and a place on the electric vehicle charging network map.

The POLAR network, launched in October 2011, offers over 80 charging bays within an hour's driving time of Portsmouth. In the next 12 months the number of POLAR charging points in the area will increase to over 150.

POLAR has 1,200 charging points around the UK.  By the end of 2012, this will rise to 4,000.

In a recent survey, 58% of new car buyers would consider choosing an electric car in the next two years. This figure increased to 77% of those in the 25 - 34 year range.

In the next 18 months the major motor manufacturers, including Renault and Vauxhall, are planning on launching over 29 electric cars (including plug-ins, hybrids and E-REVs; Extended-Range Electric Vehicles)

A massive 83% of people surveyed said the lack of national charging infrastructure would affect their decision to buy an electric vehicle.

However 78% of respondents felt that if at least 40 public charging points were in place in their local town, supermarkets, shopping centres and public car parks, this would positively affect the likelihood of buying an electric car.