Live Frog Found In Salad Bag!

A live frog has been found in a bag of pre-washed salad from a supermarket in Ringwood.

50 year old Cristina Carrington from Chandlers Ford said she ate some of the salad before her daughter found the frog in the fridge the next day.

"I opened the bag and took some out for my lunch and then put it back in the fridge.

"After I'd eaten lunch at work, I got a phone call from my daughter screaming 'there's a frog in the salad bag in the fridge'.

"When you pay more for the pre-washed salads, so you don't expect to find something like this - you assume they've all been prepared properly."

She says she hasn;t been able to eat any salad since.

She bought the salad from Waitrose in Ringwood - they've apologised, saying it was an 'isolated incident' and they're now investigating to find out how it happened.

Experts apparently think the small green and brown frog could be a 'pool frog'.

Frog found in salad bag from Ringwood supermarket







Mrs Carrington said:

"He was quite sweet in the end but when he hopped about inside the bag it freaked us out a bit!"

In a statement, Waitrose said:

"We are very sorry for the distressed caused. All our bagged salad is thoroughly washed and we have steps in place to check each product before packaging.

"Although this is an isolated incident, we're investigating with our suppliers how this happened and taking steps to minimise the chances of this happening again.

"The frog has been taken to a local animal centre where it is being looked after."