Isle Of Wight Parents Tell Of Drink-Drive Devastation

9 December 2013, 08:19 | Updated: 30 March 2016, 13:50

A series of hard hitting videos spelling out the heartbreaking consequences of drink and drug driving are being released by Hampshire Police.
This year the police campaign focuses on the story of Evey Staley, a ten-year-old from Newport on the Isle of Wight. Evey was killed when her parents car was hit by another car being driven by a drink and drug driver as they pulled out of their driveway.
Neal and Penny Staley were both seriously injured in the crash, with Penny being in a coma for several days and Neal left permanently disabled.
In the first video, released on Monday (9 December), Evey's mum and dad tell their story. Neal speaks of the unbearable decision to switch off Evey's life support machine and to donate her organs to others that needed them.

Evey's aunt and uncle, Hayley and Alan, feature in the second video, and speak movingly about how they coped with the immediate aftermath of the crash, particularly how they cared for Evey's older sister, Ellie.
Further videos being released daily through Hampshire Constabulary's You Tube and social media channels feature police officers who attended the crash scene and a specialist officer from the Impaired Driver Unit focussing on the issue of drug-impaired driving.  The final video interview is with a hospital consultant who treated Neal and Penny after the collision also recalls her memories of those tragic events and the lasting effect it has had on her.
Inspector Andy Storey who is heading this year's campaign said:

"I'd urge everyone to watch these videos to the end. They are extremely emotive and painful to watch. But that is nothing compared to the pain and suffering the Staley family continue to experience.
"They have shown extraordinary strength in telling their story to us to help us get across this vital message, and to try and stop any other family having to suffer as they have and continue to as a result of drink and drug driving.  
"All those involved with the crash were and remain affected by it, as the videos demonstrate.  
"Evey is the reason we are wearing purple ribbons this Christmas, to remember her and all those who have died as result of drunk or drugged drivers.  
"Drink and drug driving ruins lives. If you know someone who drink drives or takes drugs before getting behind the wheel, I would strongly urge you to get in touch anonymously by text on 80999 or by calling police. Don't hesitate, just do it. You could save a life."