Investigation Into X-Rated Party Claims

A Hampshire council has launched an investigation into allegations that a councillor from a neighbouring authority has been holding sex parties at a residential address in its area.

David Fuller, a Liberal Democrat councillor at Portsmouth City Council, has reportedly been holding the events, called MissUse parties hosted by a Mistress Sarah, at a three-bedroom detached property in The Avenue in Fareham.

Now Fareham Borough Council is to investigate the parties to establish whether they have breached licensing or planning regulations.

The Southern Daily Echo reports that the guests are charged a £15 entry fee per person at the venue as a ''contribution'' to soft drinks and a buffet.

And interested people are sent invitations via a social networking site for people who enjoy an ''alternative lifestyle'', according to the newspaper's investigation.

Cllr Fuller, who is the deputy chairman of Portsmouth City Council's licensing committee, told the paper:

''I don't do anything illegal, but I'd rather not carry on this conversation.''

When contacted by the Press Association, Cllr Fuller said: ''No mate, I am not talking at the moment, no comment.''

On his page on the Portsmouth council's website, Cllr Fuller, who represents the Fratton area, states that he is a freemason and works as the manager of care home.

It also says: ''I very much enjoy being on the licensing committee, meeting members of the public, and engaging in local issues.''

Cllr Sean Woodward, the Conservative leader of Fareham Borough Council, said that he would ask his planning and licensing officers to investigate the property.

But he admitted that the authority had not received any complaints about the parties.

He said: ''We do not have any such premises in Fareham so I would want to see if it is a breach of licensing or planning.

''I will certainly have to investigate now that I know it is out there.

''If it exists it needs to be properly licensed and it could have its licence refused if it is in breach of planning or licensing controls.''

He added that he believed Cllr Fuller should have a full understanding of the relevant regulations.

He said: ''As a member of a licensing authority, he should be well aware of the rules.''

In a statement released by Fareham Borough Council, Cllr Woodward, said:

''I have asked Fareham Borough Council officers to investigate this matter to see whether there are any licensing or planning contraventions.''

David Williams, Portsmouth City Council's chief executive, said:

''As this is a personal matter it's not for us to discuss further.

''There is a code of conduct councillors are expected to adhere to, but this does not strictly apply to their behaviour in a private capacity.

''If we do receive a complaint about the conduct of a councillor then it will be investigated by the governance, audit and standards committee.''