Illegal Immigrants Kicked Out Of UK

Three illegal immigrants found hiding in a lorry at Portsmouth ferry port have been removed from the UK.

Border Force officers found the male stowaways in a Spanish-registered lorry which had just arrived on a ferry from Caen at 11pm on Tuesday 7 August. 

The lorry was scanned in a routine check which revealed the presence of people. When it was opened the two Afghans aged 18 and 24 and a 22-year-old Albanian were found hiding in the load of textile materials. 

There was evidence that the group had entered the vehicle by cutting a hole in the roof. The trio were removed to Caen at 12.45am yesterday (Wednesday 8 August). 

Andy Lumb, of Border Force, said: "This incident shows how effective technology can be in detecting illegal immigrants who try and enter the UK. 

"We are at the forefront of the fight to stop illegal immigrants, drugs, weapons and other contraband entering the UK and our officers are on constant alert to keep them out of the country."