Fareham: Three Banned From Town Centre

3 July 2014, 13:15 | Updated: 30 March 2016, 13:50

Three homeless people who terrorised shoppers and stores in a Hampshire town have been handed Anti-Social Behaviour Orders.

Fareham Borough Council said 23-year-old Krystal Geary and 22-year-old Daniel Gregory have been ordered to stop shouting, swearing and spitting at people in the town centre.

A second man, 33-year-old Paul Box is banned from drinking and injecting drugs in public.

All three have been ordered to stay away from the area, and they are all banned from begging.
The conditions of their ASBO's are the same:
1.       Engage in any conduct which causes or is likely to cause harassment, alarm or distress to others including, shouting, swearing, spitting, verbal abuse and threatening and aggressive behaviour towards children and adults or by inciting, aiding and abetting or encouraging others to cause harassment, alarm or distress.
2.       Enter the area which is outlined in red on the plan attached to this Order.
3.       Remain in any commercial premises, shop or residential premises if asked to leave by staff, employees and occupiers.
4.       Beg or loiter for the purposes of begging.
5.       Urinate or defecate in a public place except in a public toilet.
The orders all expire on the 2nd June 2016.
Cllr Trevor Cartwright, Executive Member for Public Protection at Fareham Borough Council, said: "Hopefully these antisocial behaviour orders will encourage the recipients to give more thought to their behaviour in the future. The police, council and support groups attempted to work with these individuals to change their behaviour voluntarily. In the end this action had to be taken to prevent the inappropriate and unacceptable behaviour of these individuals continuing in Fareham Town Centre."

If  members of the public witness any breach of these ASBOs they can report it to the police on 101 – or call 999 if the breach amounts to a crime or emergency in progress. Information can also be given anonymously by phoning the independent Crimestoppers charity on 0800 555 111.