Chemical Explosion At Family's Swimming Pool

19 July 2013, 06:51 | Updated: 30 March 2016, 13:50

A family have been treated for gas inhalation after a small chemical explosion in their swimming pool, at their Southampton home.

Chemicals were being prepared to put in the pool in the plant room at the house on Chine Avenue, Bitterne on Thursday 18 July. The mixing caused a small bang at around 7.15pm and released a small amount of gas, thought to be chlorine.

A husband and wife - both thought to be in their 40s - and their young son, aged around 12, were treated at the scene by South Central Ambulance Service for gas inhalation and taken to hospital as a precaution. No-one was seriously injured.

Firefighters used breathing apparatus to enter the plant room. They used dry earth to soak up a small amount of spilled chemical and ventilated the room.

Crews from St Mary's, Redbridge and Hightown dealt with the incident.