Boy Lied About Southampton Attack

Police investigation reveals assault and theft on nine-year-old in Southampton did not happen.

A police investigation into a claim by a nine-year-old boy that he was viciously attacked by a group of teenagers who then stole his phone has revealed the story wascompletely fabricated.

Officers appealed for witnesses to the incident that was said to have happened close to the Sainsbury’s store and Post Office in Shirley Precinct, Shirley High Street,at around 2pm on Thursday, December 29. However not one witness came forward to the attack and none of the alleged incident was caught on CCTV.

A thorough investigation was carried out by officers. This also brought further evidence to light casting doubt on the story. The boy has now admitted to officers thathe lied and had made the whole story up because he had lost his Blackberry Curve phone which he had received as a Christmas present from his family.

No further action has will be taken against the youngster, who is below the age of criminal responsibility, however officers have spoken to him to let him know aboutthe waste of police time, the cost and the effect on other investigations his actions have had.

Detective Sergeant Jamie Wiseman said: “We investigate thoroughly all reports of incidents such as this to catch those responsible however if it turns out through thatinvestigation that the incident didn’t happen and was fabrication we will, where possible, take appropriate and robust action against those found to be wasting police time.”