Big Rise In Landslides On South Coast

There's been a big increase in the number of landslides at cliffs on the south coast this year.

In 2012, there were 22 landslide in total between Bridport in Dorset and Chichester in West Sussex - this year there have already been 16 slides, between January and April.

The most recent have been a huge slide near Durdle Door in Dorset (pictured) at the end of April and a smaller one at Barton-on-Sea in Hampshire in early May.

Experts say months of heavy rain have left cliffs unstable - and are predicting more landslips will happen.

Katy Freeborough from the British Geological Survey said:

"There's just a lot of water in the system. It's likely to remain unstable for the foreseeable future so basically you've got heavier and weaker rocks which is leading to a large-scale instability.

"Over the UK as a whole, we're suffering three times the national average of recorded landslides.

"Small areas can be protected but obviously that has an impact on areas further down the coastline. The main point is that people should take extra care and listen to warnings at the flagged up sites."