Baby Thrown From Window In Fire Drama

Two adults and two children have had to jump out of a bedroom window to escape a fire that broke out in their living room in Leigh Park, Havant.

On 18 July 2012 at 1am, the family from Park House Farm Way woke to their smoke alarm sounding and escaped from an upstairs window before firecrews arrived.

A 9-month-old baby had to be thrown to safety by his mum into the arms of his dad waiting below.

The family were taken to hospital with cuts and smoke inhalation.

A fire investigation revealed that a table lamp that was bought in France started the fire and that the house was badly smoke damaged where doors had been left open.

Community Safety Liaison Officer, Mark Jones, said:

"By shutting doors before you go to bed you can stop the travel of smoke and fire and protect the remainder of your property.

"The family were quick in their action to evacuate through a bedroom window, and ultimately the father saved his families life by doing so.

"But they have suffered a number of serious cuts from the glass as a result. By shutting the bedroom door and opening a window for fresh air the family would have been safe until crew arrived.

"I would always advise to take a mobile phone to bed, even if you have a landline as fire can burn through the cable.

"The fire was started by a lamp that was bought overseas.

"Always get second-hand or items purchased abroad safety-checked before use; lastly always ensure you have a safety plan of your property should a fire break out."