£6m Worth Of Cocaine Seized In Portsmouth

A haul of cocaine with an estimated value of £6 million has been seized by Border Force officers in Portsmouth.

Officers discovered the packages of cocaine in a refrigerated container which had been unloaded from a boat at Flathouse Quay around 12pm on Friday 8 February.

The boat, which had come from Turbo, Columbia, via Antwerp, was carrying a load of bananas.
The cocaine was found in 50 wrapped packages which had been hidden in the container.
It is estimated the drugs, weighing around 60 kilos, could have had a potential value of approximately £6 million when cut and sold on the street.

Andy Lumb, of Border Force, said:           
"This was an excellent detection by our officers as the inside of the container initially appeared not to have been tampered with.
"Our officers are on constant alert to keep drugs, other smuggled goods and illegal persons out of the UK.
"We are determined to prevent this terrible trade which can have such a destructive impact on the lives of so many."

No arrests have been made but investigations are ongoing.