£650 Dog Poo Fine For Portsmouth Woman

19 July 2013, 13:33 | Updated: 30 March 2016, 13:50

A Portsmouth woman has been told to pay more than £650 after failing to clear up dog mess in a local park.

Katie Arnell, 18, of Watts Road, Buckland, was seen with a dog on a lead in Duke Crescent Green in February. A Portsmouth City Council officer saw the dog foul within seconds of entering the green, which is used by local children. Arnell walked away without clearing up the mess.  

She failed to pay an on-the-spot fine of £75 and the case went to court.

This week she failed to attend Portsmouth magistrates court but was found guilty in her absence. She was ordered to pay a £400 fine and £253.60 costs.

Paul Fielding, assistant head of transport and environment at the council, said:

"The majority of people with dogs are responsible, and clean up their mess. We're determined to catch the minority of people who don't. Dog mess is disgusting and can be a dangerous source of disease for children."

Cllr Eleanor Scott, the council's Cabinet Member for Environment and Community Safety, said:

"I'm told time and time again by residents that they're sick of dog fouling and want action. So the message is clear. If you are caught dog fouling you will be fined. If you don't pay the fine you will be prosecuted. Don't use people's neighbourhoods as your dog's toilet."

If residents see someone failing to pick up after their dog then they can let the council know on 023 9283 4092.