Woman Told To Pay £24k Private Parking Charges

3 April 2017, 17:27 | Updated: 3 April 2017, 17:31

parking ticket

A sheriff has ordered a woman to pay a private company £24,500 in parking charges.

Carly Mackie was given the ruling by Sheriff George Way after she ignored parking notices from Vehicle Control Services.

She believed they were unenforceable and was taken to court by the firm for parking outside a private property at Dundee Waterfront without a permit.

Notices issued by the company stated that failure to display a permit would result in a charge of £100 per day, but were ignored.

In a written judgment in January this year, Sheriff Way found Mackie, of Unicorn Court, Dundee, to be in breach of contract and liable for the pursuers' claim of £24,500.

He said: "The defender was simply wrong in her analysis of the contractual chain of authority that this had led her to take a position on the ground that rendered her liable to such substantial charges.

"She admits she parked without a permit, on the property that the pursuers were contracted to protect.

"She had no better right or title to do so than any other interloper or stranger, no matter what her belief might be.

"She was liable in the agreed sum of £24,500 and decree with expenses must follow.''