Unemployment Up Across Scotland

The number of unemployed people across Scotland has risen according to the latest figures with a total of 209 thousand out of work.

There's been an increase of 1,000 between April and June.

But the figures, released each month, showed unemployment reduced by 15,000 over the year.

And employment increased by 24,000 over the three months, taking the total in work in Scotland to about 2.5 million.

The number of people out of work and claiming jobseeker's allowance was 144,700 in July - an increase of 2,600 over the month.

There's now 1 in 5 16 to 24 year olds in the UK out of work.

Scottish Secretary Michael Moore said, "The first increase in unemployment since autumn last year is a reminder of the challenging economic circumstances we face.

The UK Government's priority is to continue to support the economy by reducing the deficit and putting in place measures to encourage growth in the private sector. We are creating a new model of economic growth, driven by investment and exports, and more evenly balanced across the UK and sectors.

The difficult decisions the Government has taken brought stability and confidence to the economy during these exceptional uncertain times and held down the costs of borrowing for businesses. This is vital for continuing investment in long lasting quality jobs.

The issue is one both Westminster and Holyrood must tackle together. Scottish ministers have control over many of the levers to promote long-term sustainable growth in Scotland and they must use them to create opportunities for Scots.''

The labour market details, released by the Office for National Statistics, put the Scottish employment rate over the quarter at 71.9%, slightly above the UK average of 70.7%.

At 7.7%, the Scottish unemployment rate is just below the overall UK rate which stands at 7.9%.