Ten Years Since Glasgow Airport Terror Attack

30 June 2017, 15:22

Glasgow Airport Terror

The bravery of people who helped foil the attempted Glasgow Airport terror attack has again been praised on the tenth anniversary of the plot.

On the afternoon of June 30 2007, two men tried to drive a Jeep loaded with gas canisters into the main terminal of the airport as holidaymakers queued for flights.

The vehicle crashed at one of the entrances and burst into flames, sending only smoke into the terminal.

The quick response of people on the scene - from police officers to members of the public returning to holiday - helped foil the spread of any further damage.

The only death from the attempted attack was that of one of the terrorists, Kafeel Ahmed, who was seriously burned and passed away about a month after the incident.

His partner Bilal Abdulla was found guilty of carrying out the attack after a trial and jailed for at least 32 years.

Detectives described it as a "spontaneous attack'' after car bombs they had planted in London in the days before failed to detonate.

When the Jeep failed to ignite fully at Glasgow Airport, the attackers tried to light it themselves, prompting bystanders to tackle them.

A number of people who stepped in received awards for their bravery in the years after.

Police officers, a taxi driver, an airport admin worker and members of the public returning from holiday or collecting relatives were among those praised for their efforts.