Police Seize Over A Million Pounds From Gangs In Scotland

Since April last year officers have confiscated a total of £1.25 million from crime gangs across the country - that's more than six times the total for 2009-2010.

It marks a new approach by The Scottish Crime and Drug Enforcement Agency which is focussing more on disrupting gang activities at an early stage - before the cash can be invested in drugs to turn more profit.

The SCDEA said that by withdrawing large sums of cash from crime outfits they are causing ``unprecedented turmoil'' to their activities and profitability.

The majority of the cash was seized during raids on property and vehicles. Around #40,000 was confiscated from a goods vehicle on its way to France and almost #90,000 seized from the home of a drug courier in England.

The largest sum recovered by officers so far this year is #200,000.

SCDEA director general, Deputy Chief Constable Gordon Meldrum, said:``By attacking the cash flow of organised criminals, we prevent them from being able to invest in controlled drugs and we ultimately disrupt this flow of harmful substances on to the streets.''

According to SCDEA estimates, the cash seizures have prevented criminals from  generating almost #15 million from drug deals.