Police Take Metal Detectors To Pubs And Clubs

Next time you're on a night out in central Scotland you could see police with metal detectors.

Officers from Strathclyde and Lothian and Borders police are going to be out and about until the end of July on operations targeting booze and knife related crime.

This includes more stop-and-searches are proposed in ``hotspot areas'' as well as deploying officers with hand-held metal detectors.

The Violence Reduction Unit at Strathclyde Police has teamed up with ParentLine Scotland to offer advice and support to parents worried their child may be drinking or using weapons.

Chief Inspector Graham Goulden, who leads the campaign on behalf of the unit, said: "Violence, and the behaviour that leads to violence, is everyone's problem. We know there are parents out there who are worried about issues like alcohol and weapons. For the vast majority there is no need for concern, but that doesn't stop people worrying.

That's why the work of ParentLine Scotland in supporting and listening to those concerns is so vital. Tackling violence is a team effort and ParentLine Scotland is key in this."

Elsewhere Lothian and Borders Police have re-launched their ``Boozed up. Squared Up. Locked up'' campaign today, with the image of a young man in custody featuring on posters nationwide. Throughout the force area the image will be sent to people through bluetooth messaging and will be used on advert trailers and beer mats.

The image is intended to remind people that they are responsible for their actions and losing control could lead to serious consequences.

Their key objectives will include:

- Using metal detectors outside pubs, nightclubs, and pedestrian precincts to detect and deter weapon carriers.

- Delivering personal safety inputs to schools highlighting dangers of carrying weapons

- Carrying out checks on identified transport routes for those involved in violent activity

- Visiting victims of domestic abuse and carry out bail checks on the people responsible

- Increasing high visibility patrols to deter violence, reduce opportunities for violence and provide community reassurance 

- Using mobile CCTV vans in projected hotspot areas

- Working with licensed premises and local community safety partnerships to identify problem locations, target hotspots and watch out for emerging trends