PFA Scotland calls for action before player is 'maimed'

4 March 2019, 15:18 | Updated: 4 March 2019, 15:21

easter road bottle thrown

PFA Scotland has called for urgent action before a footballer is "maimed" after Celtic winger Scott Sinclair was targeted with a glass bottle at Easter Road.

The object flew past Sinclair as he prepared to take a corner and Hibernian later claimed another bottle was thrown from the visiting fans during their 2-0 William Hill Scottish Cup defeat by Celtic on Saturday.

The near miss was the latest in a series of missile-throwing incidents which have plagued Scottish football this season.

Players' union chief executive Fraser Wishart said in a statement: "After this weekend's incidents at Easter Road, we stress again that the throwing of objects at players, violence or any form of verbal abuse directed towards players must be taken seriously and we trust that the authorities will take the appropriate action to ensure that this dangerous practice is stopped.

"The continuing rise in incidents of this nature at football grounds across the country is alarming and must be addressed with the greatest of urgency.

"On the field, our members have been subjected to racist and sectarian abuse, physically assaulted and had coins and now a bottle thrown at them.

"Any form of abuse - physical or verbal - is wholly unacceptable and it is of paramount importance that something is done before someone is seriously hurt or maimed.

"The football pitch is a player's place of work and it is not unreasonable for a player, like any other employee, to be able to work with the knowledge that their workplace is indeed a safe environment, free from violence and discrimination and that their health and safety is not at risk."