New M74 Completed Under Budget

The early copmpletion of the new motorway has saved taxpayers an estimated 15 to 20 million pounds.

The road will open on June 28th and links the end of the M74 at Fullarton Road junction and the M8 motorway west of the Kingston Bridge on the south side of Glasgow.

Mr Neil said Transport Scotland's ``robust'' management of the works, on behalf of the Scottish Government, had delivered considerable savings.

He said: "The M74 completion is the largest infrastructure project on the ground in Scotland and it's opening eight months early and between £15 and £20 million under budget. This will mean significant savings for Scottish taxpayers and that drivers will be able to enjoy the benefits of this crucial piece of infrastructure several months ahead of schedule.

This is clear evidence of our robust and effective management of major projects such as this. We have worked closely and effectively with Glasgow city, South Lanarkshire and Renfrewshire councils; testament to what can be achieved when a well-planned project is executed through strong collaborative partnerships."

The five-mile section of motorway comprises three lanes and a hard shoulder in each direction.

Work began on the M74 extension in May 2008 despite a high-profile local campaign against its construction.