New Drivers Get Advice From Emergency Services In Road Safety Push

27 February 2017, 06:29

L Plate

Hard-hitting presentations will be given to new and learner drivers under a fresh scheme to promote road safety.

Police and the fire service have teamed up with the Motor Schools Association of Great Britain to deliver the initiative, dubbed the New Driver Scheme.

The project is being rolled out in South Ayrshire initially, with the hope that it can eventually benefit drivers across the country.

Motorists taking part in the scheme will be shown a film, developed by Police Scotland, which looks at the devastation caused by a crash in Stewarton in April 2014.

It resulted in the deaths of Patricia Brown, 52, and 18-year-old Alec Stewart.

The film features the reflections of Alex's sister, Amy Stewart, who talks about the loss of her brother. It will also feature ''dash-cam'' footage which documents the incident in detail.

Constable Craig Beaver, of the trunk road patrol group, said: ''Too many young people are involved in serious and fatal collisions on Scottish roads.

''Young drivers may be familiar with the fact that speed can kill, however, statistics show that young drivers are more vulnerable on the road.

''Our presentation will demonstrate the consequences for new drivers, their passengers and other road users if they drive inappropriately.''

He added: ''We have a particular interest in reaching young drivers, however, all are welcome to attend.''

Police and the Scottish Fire and Rescue Service (SFRS) will be promoting the sessions through social media.

Companies that employ fleets of drivers are also being contacted to see if they could benefit from the scheme.

George Baggley, SFRS watch commander, said: ''Young drivers are at a much higher risk of having an accident than older drivers.

''Drivers aged 17-19 only make up 1.5% of UK licence holders, but are involved in 9% of fatal and serious crashes.

''The aim of this programme is not to lecture new drivers on how to drive but to offer them knowledge and experience on how to drive safely.''

People can get in touch with the project by emailing