Bin Lorry Worker Was 'Terrified'

23 July 2015, 12:12 | Updated: 30 March 2016, 13:50


A bin man said he was "terrified'' as the truck he was travelling in veered out of control and knocked down people in a packed Glasgow street.

Henry Toal, 47, gave evidence on the second day of an inquiry into the fatal crash in the city on December 22 which left six people dead.

The inquiry has heard driver Harry Clarke appeared unconscious at the wheel of the truck on Queen Street in the city centre as the three crew travelled to their last pick-up of the day.

Refuse collector Mr Toal said he saw Mr Clarke slumped to one side, his hands still on the wheel.

He told the inquiry at Glasgow Sheriff Court: "I was wondering what was going to happen, where we were going to end up.''

Asked if he was frightened, he replied: "Yes, I was terrified.''

Asked if at any point he had considered engaging the truck's hand brake, he said: "No.''

Mr Toal, who suffered an eye injury when the truck finally crashed in to the Millennium Hotel in George Square, said he feared the vehicle would go up in flames.

The inquiry heard yesterday from Mr Toal's co-worker Matthew Telford, who said he punched and shouted at the driver to try to rouse him.