Bailey Gwynne Murder Trial Latest 3/3/16

3 March 2016, 14:03 | Updated: 30 March 2016, 13:50

Bailey Gwynne

A laptop used by a teenager accused of murdering a schoolboy revealed an internet search for "how to get rid of someone annoying'', a court has heard.

Bailey Gwynne, 16, died from a single stab wound after a fight at Cults Academy in Aberdeen last October.

A 16-year-old youth denies murder and is on trial at the city's High Court, where the jury heard from a forensic computer analyst.

Charles Bruce, 52, told the court he examined an Acer laptop handed to police by the youth's father the day after the alleged murder.

He explained how he recovered search terms - words typed into a search engine by a user - including "knuckledusters UK'' and "knife merchant''.

He noted the search term "difference between a homicide and a murder'' on April 15 2015 and "illegal knives UK'' on August 13 that year.

The laptop examination revealed a search for "Aberdeen stabbings deaths per 1,000'' on September 27 and on October 7, the words ``how to get rid of someone annoying'' were used in a search, the court heard.

The data was passed to the team investigating the alleged murder on October 28, Mr Bruce said.