WATCH: Sonny Jay Humiliates Fake Fans With Made-Up BRITs Nominees

7 February 2018, 08:53

If you spot Sonny Jay on the streets, chatting to you about the BRITs, you should do a runner, because he WILL humiliate you.

The BRITs are one of the biggest awards shows in the music calendar. The likes of Sam Smith, Rita Ora and Dua Lipa have been announced to perform at the ceremony.

That's a lot to take it, so we wouldn't blame you if you didn't know everything that was happening at the BRITs.

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We would, however, blame you if you pretended to fake your knowledge about it all, to look like an insightful, wise fake music fan. That's why Sonny hit the streets to find those pretenders.

Using names of dogs he met at a local kennel, Sonny asked passers-by if they were rooting for the likes of Fido and Fluffy to win a BRIT award. Needless to say, none of them picked them up on him.


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At least we get to see Sonny Jay being embarrassed now, after he had a cringe moment chatting to The Rock and Kevin Hart...