WATCH: Prepare To Cringe At Vick Hope's Attempt To Find Anthony Joshua By Lying To ANYONE In Dubai...

22 November 2017, 08:47 | Updated: 23 November 2017, 06:03

Run, Anthony. RUN!

Dubai's a hotspot for the stars. And Sonny Jay. :P

So when Vick Hope caught wind that professional boxer, Anthony Joshua, was staying in the hotel opposite, Vick played it totally cool. (Just to clarify, we're obviously being sarcastic.)

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Vick grabbed her phone and rang Anthony's hotel, posing as a member of his entourage, just to try and find out what room number he was in. Whatever happened to just doing stuff like tanning and swimming?!

Don't worry, Anthony - she was too late. But maybe don't post on Instagram where you're holidaying next. Just sayin'.

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Maybe Anthony Joshua heard these guys coming... After all of their screaming on Dubai's infamous rollercoasters!