Roman Kemp Pays Tribute To Capital Producer And Close Friend, Joe Lyons

10 August 2020, 09:58

Capital Breakfast with Roman Kemp paid tribute to their very close colleague, Joe Lyons, after we suddenly lost one of our best friends.

Roman Kemp was joined by Sian Welby and Sonny Jay as they took a minute to explain why they went off air last week, on Tuesday, 4 August.

Capital Breakfast lost one of our close friends, Joe Lyons, who was a loved colleague by the whole Capital team. Producer Joe had worked at Global for nine years, on Capital, LBC and as part of Global's video team.

Speaking of the loss of his close friend, Roman said "We wanted to just take a minute to explain a little bit more on why we went off air last week.

"Here on Capital Breakfast, we're a massive family, and we wanted to share some really sad news; I never thought I'd have to do this ever.

"Last Tuesday, we lost one of our best friends; my best friend, and our colleague, Producer Joe. He was not just part of Capital Breakfast family, but a loved member of the whole team. Everybody that works here is completely devastated.

"We wanted to be able to share this news with you. Joe has worked for Global for nine years. He was the very first person I met when I walked through the door.

"I don't know sitting in a radio studio without him. Every huge A-lister that you've heard on the show knows who he is. He's the person that - if you've ever called into the show - would be the one to answer.

"He's the person that we share our mornings with every day. Now, this is going to be really hard; he really couldn't do enough for people. He was the nicest guy that I know. He was kind; caring," said Roman Kemp.

"He loved his family so much. He loved his friends. But the thing he loved most of all was doing this show; he loved making you happy."

Sonny Jay said "I'm so grateful we all had the experience of knowing him, because he was the best guy ever," before Sian Welby said "We spent six months of every day in this studio together, and I'm going to miss him singing his own version of songs."

"This person is someone who is my absolute brother," said Roman, before reflecting on some of his more silly, iconic moments with Capital Breakfast.

Roman Kemp finished by sending his love to Joe, as well as to his friends and family, before dedicating the show to him.