Roman FaceTimed An Unknown Numbers In His Contacts & It Was Just Horrifically Awkward

4 August 2016, 09:50 | Updated: 15 August 2016, 16:44

Roman FaceTime

We've all got those numbers in our contacts that we have literally NO idea who they are and how the hell they ended up in our phones in the first place.

You know the ones; usually random names like 'Terry Two Pints' or 'Ella Infernos.' Well Roman thought, why not give one or two of them a call, actually, scrap that, why not jump in the deep end and FACETIME them! 

First up was Producer Joe who had 'FM Sexy Mum' in his contacts, what could possibly go wrong? Then there was Roman who fancied calling literally 'Unknown' in his contacts. 

Now not in a million years would we have guessed what happened next. Have a watch of the video above to see just who exactly 'FM Sexy Mum' is and of course who the heck is 'Unknown.'

And it's worth mentioning we don't recommend doing this yourself, it could land you in all SORTS of awkward situations. Instead, why not send us a tweet and we'll do it for you! *double thumbs up* (Not but seriously if you want us to FaceTime a random number in your contacts, drop us a line, @CapitalOfficial, #RomanOnCapital.

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