Contact Capital Presenters On WhatsApp

30 January 2020, 16:25

Contact Capital presenters on Whatsapp
Contact Capital presenters on Whatsapp. Picture: Capital

Here's how you can get in touch with Roman Kemp, Jimmy Hill, Marvin Humes and more!

You’ve previously been able to get in touch by phone, emails, text message and even a fax machine back in the day. But guess what. It turns out everyone has WhatsApp now... who would've thought it?!

So, now we want YOU to get even more involved in the shows! Want to tell Roman Kemp how much you loved his I'm A Celeb impressions or tell Jimmy Hill who should be on the next episode of Quizface? Well, now you just need to drop a little voicenote and they'll give it a listen.

Send us a voicenote – and if it’s broadcastable, we could feature it on the show. (No mucky photos please)

Send us an voicenote here: