Commemorative £5 Coin

It's been announced that a £5 coin to celebrate the Royal wedding is going into production at the Royal Mint in South Wales.

The coin will feature a double portrait of Will and Kate and according to reports it has been approved by the Royal Household and the British government.

The coin will be legal tender and is the only official UK coin marking the wedding.

It's only the second time in history that the Mint has made a coin for a Royal Wedding, the other being for Will's parents - Prince Charles and Princess Diana in 1981.

The face value of the coin will be £5, however, it will cost you £55 to buy. Despite the high price tag the Mint has said that they've already received thousands of pre-orders.

Over 300,000 Royal Wedding coins are due to be produced - ranging from the standard version to gold, and even platinum versions.

The platinum coin will dent your wallet to the tune of around 5 thousand pounds!