Falling bear lands on police car in California, causing it to burst into flames

10 August 2019, 07:36 | Updated: 10 August 2019, 09:36

A police car has been written off after it was hit by a falling bear in northern California.

A sheriff's deputy was on their way to reports of a drug overdose when the bear either fell or jumped onto the bonnet.

The bear smashed the windshield - with the car hitting an embankment, rolling onto its side and bursting into flames.

The fire spread for about half an acre and gutted the patrol vehicle, but the deputy managed to escape without serious injury.

California's Department of Transportation issued a reminder to drivers to stay alert and be aware of the nature around them as they use the roads.

It said: "Bears, elk and deer are just some of the critters sharing our coastal home.

"Don't worry, the bear also fled the scene."