Clegg Calls For A Reform On Drugs

1 May 2015, 17:14 | Updated: 30 March 2016, 13:50

Nick Clegg has told Capital that the case of a Nottinghamshire man we spoke to is proof their needs to be a reform on drugs.

David, who's name we've changed, says his son was just 15 when he started taking legal highs.

He told us he nearly lost his son because of them and that they're as easy to get hold of as bag of sweets or a pint of milk.

The Deputy Prime Minister told us ''If you're anti-drugs you should be pro-reform, the one thing we shouldn't be doing is locking up people who need treatment to get off drugs, and letting the Mr Bigs and Mr Criminals to walk free.''

''We really need to lock up the criminals and make sure we protect our youngsters from some of these legal highs''

Sold Clothes & XBox To Fund Habit

He soon began selling his clothes and even his Xbox to fund his habit before going on to self harm as a result of psychotic episodes:

'It's just like buying sweets, they associate these shops because they sell them they think they're safe, when infact, they're not.

'It's just like buying a pint of milk.

'It's awful to see your child go from a happy person to agressive creature, that you don't recognise.

'To hear their frightened, trembling voice crying out for help, to see them cut themselves, you fear the worse.'

Police in Derby recently confiscated a legal high known as Black mamba which has led to deaths on the continent.