Child Abuse Images: More Seeking Help

6 November 2018, 13:33

Online groomer child abuser

North Wales has seen a 65% increase in the number of people who have sought help to stop looking at sexual images of children, in just six months.

A total of 139 people from North Wales contacted Stop it Now! - the child sexual abuse prevention project run by child protection charity The Lucy Faithfull Foundation, seeking help for either their own online sexual behaviour, or for that of someone they knew, between January and July this year, compared to 84 in the six months prior to the launch of the major public awareness raising campaign.

The campaign was supported by the North West Regional Organised Crime Unit (NW ROCU) and police forces in across the North West including North Wales, Lancashire, Merseyside, Greater Manchester, Cheshire and Cumbria.

Det Insp Elfyn Hughes of the North Wales Police Paedophile Online Investigation Team (POLIT) said: "Since February 2015, when POLIT commenced, officers in North Wales have been working extensively to detect and prosecute people downloading and sharing sexual images of children online.

"Protecting vulnerable children is a key priority for us and resources are being invested into tackling this serious issue."