Rifles Stolen In Sunderland Break-In

14 October 2013, 05:51 | Updated: 30 March 2016, 13:50

Eight rifles have been stolen after a break in at the Sunderland Scuba Centre at the Atkinson Buildings.

Burglars smashed their way through shutters and double glazed windows into the Sunderland Scuba Centre on Saturday night at around 10pm.

Eight rifles were stolen from the shop which also stocks a number of air weapons and equipment.

The rifles stocked by the shop which have been stolen are eight of the below:
ASG Dragonov SVD 6mm BB Gun
Air Arms S410, Beech stock wood, 0.177 calibre air rifle
Air Arms S200, 0.22 calibre air rifle
BSA Lightning SE, 0.22 calibre air rifle
BSA Ultrashot, 0.22 calibre air rifle
Weihrauch HW100S, 0.22 calibre air rifle
Weihrauch 99S, 0.22 calibre air rifle
Weihrauch HW97K, 0.177 calibre air rifle
Weihrauch HW100JT, 0.177 calibre air rifle.

Northumbria Police Superintendent Dave Byrne, said:
"There is no suggestion of any danger to the public in relation to the stolen firearms. However, we understand this may cause concern and I'd like to reassure the public that we are doing everything we can to locate them and trace those responsible for this burglary.

I'd urge anyone with any information about the burglary or who may know where the stolen items are, to come forward."