North Shields Family Desperate To Bring Sister Home From Thailand

4 July 2016, 05:00 | Updated: 11 July 2016, 12:32

Tracey Blyth on life support in Thailand

Elizabeth Phillips and Tracey Blythe from North Shields are desperately trying to raise money to bring their seriously ill sister home from Thailand.

51 year old Kathryn Williamson has spent six weeks on life support in a Bangkok hospital after collapsing while on holiday on May 17th.

Her family are now facing medical bills of up to £36.000 in order to bring her home.

Tracey Blythe and Elizabeth Phillips believe their sister has no chance of pulling through and that her life-support machine should be switched off - but say because of the customs and beliefs in the country, Thai medics have decided to keep her alive.

Elizabeth has now set up an online fund-raising page in the hope that friends and strangers might donate to help.

To donate to the fund to bring Kathryn home visit their fundraising page here