Mystery Resident Shames 'Selfish' Dog Owners

14 May 2015, 05:00 | Updated: 30 March 2016, 13:50

A mystery resident is shaming dog owners in Newcastle by planting bright yellow signs next to their pet's dirt.

The signs, which read 'Beware, selfish dog owner' and have a skull and cross bone on, can be found scattered across Gosforth Central Park.

Dog walkers and other members of the public told us they think it's a "good idea", but admit they don't know who the resident is.

Gardeners working in the park were also at a loss as to who is responsible for the signs.

The man, who's lived in Gosforth for 40 years and wants to remain secret, told Capital:
"I went out through one of the entrances and found on a bit of freshly cut grass a large pile, so I immediately went home and printed out some yellow flags saying 'selfish dog owner' with skull and cross bone on."

"I was so angry when I saw this dog mess, I don't know how the owner could have avoided seeing it."

"My wife was looking over my shoulder on the computer and said 'you can't really put lousy dog owner because it's a bit heavy' and she was right, so I just put selfish which is basically what it is."

"Ideally what I'd have had was some spray but I'm really not keen on putting something that permanent on grass, so I thought a little flag."

"There's a slight sense of humour in it so people don't think I'm being heavy about it."

The mystery resident also vowed to keep putting the signs out, until dog walkers got the message.

Leaving dog poo in public places can bring a fine of up to £2,500.