Job Losses In North Shields

There's more bad news on the jobs front in the North East.

Tea firm Twinings is closing it's factory in North Shields, 260 jobs are going.

It's after the EU pulled a £10 million pounds regeneration grant when the company announced it's moving to Poland.

A spokesperson from Twinings told us:

'Our decision to build a new factory in Poland was not based on receiving any external funding.  It is normal practice for businesses to review potential available grants and where relevant apply for them if they support the development of their business.

'Twinings applied for an OPIE grant and it was indicated that we did satisfy the conditions, but any grant application is an ongoing process subject to eligibility criteria which the relevant authorities have now indicated may not be met.  As previously stated, our investment plan was not reliant upon receiving any grant and the project continues.

'It is important to stress that Twinings remains committed to the UK and more than 90% of the Twinings tea British customers drink will continue to be produced here in the UK. Twinings is also investing £6m in its Andover facility.'