Goats Limber Up For 'Animalympics'

7 August 2012, 09:24 | Updated: 30 March 2016, 13:50

After being inspired by the 2012 Olympic Games, animals at a North East attraction are warming up to take part in the 'Animalympics'

Events such as the Pygmy Goat Hurdles and the Hamster Grand Prix, as well as a flock of Sheep doing the 50 m sprint will feature in the 'Animalympics' programme being put on by staff at Durham's Adventure Valley.

The animals even have their own coach, Graham Bumby, who told Capital: 
"The Animalympics is exciting to watch and very funny.

It may be hilarious to watch but the animals take it very seriously and are hopeful of taking part in the Rio 2016 Olympic games."

For more info, check out Adventure Valley's website - www.adventurevalley.co.uk