Global Rainbow Lights Up North East Skies

29 February 2012, 07:48 | Updated: 30 March 2016, 13:50

The skies across North Tyneside's coast will be lit up over the next few nights with rainbow coloured lasers.

It's part of the North East's 'Cultural Olympiad' programme for 2012 - which brings art together with the traditional sporty side of the Olympics.

'Global Rainbow' was first shown in New York City in January 2009 where it was projected from the top of the 14 Wall Street skyscraper in downtown Manhattan.

Since then it's been shown in Berlin in Germany and Toulouse and Nantes in France.

The display was created by Yvette Mattern who's a New York and Berlin-based artist.

It's been set up at St Mary's Lighthouse - and it could be seen as far away as Durham!

When Can I See It?
The Global Rainbow will be lit up on the following days:

Wednesday 29 February, 18.00 - midnight

Thursday 1 March, 18.00 - midnight

Friday 2 March, 18.00 - midnight

Saturday 3 March, 18.00 - midnight

Sunday 4 March, 18.00 - midnight

Below: Global Rainbow in Berlin

Global rainbow 2