Watch "drunken thug" launch random attack on innocent Sunderland shopworker

20 June 2019, 12:11

Metal Pole Attack

WARNING - DISTRESSING CONTENT. This is the moment Scott Wilson, 30, attacked a shop worker in Sunderland with a metal pole.


Wilson was drunk when he stumbled in to the One Stop Shop on Harbour View, at around 10.15pm on May 20.

He claimed he'd been the victim of a robbery, before suddenly seeing red.

He became aggressive towards staff asking if they were going to "get the police".

An employee then pressed the panic button, which caused Wilson to launch in to the violent rage.

When police officers arrived they found employee Mark Beveridge lying on the floor with blood around his nose, cuts to his face and a bruised ear. He was taken to hospital for treatment.

Following his arrest, in a police interview, Wilson admitted he was intoxicated at the time and said he was “disgusted” by his behaviour.

Wilson, of Kensington Terrace, Gateshead, will now spend a year behind bars.