Blyth Teens Hospitalised By Legal Highs

20 April 2013, 22:47 | Updated: 30 March 2016, 13:50

Three teenagers have been taken to hospital after taking so-called legal highs in Blyth.

Ambulance staff were called to a house in the town at 5.35pm on Saturday, April 20th, after the teenagers who had taken a substance known as Clockwork Orange Herbal Incense had been vomiting blood.

The teenagers, two girls and a boy, all aged 15 years were taken to Wansbeck District General Hospital, one of the girls was then transferred to North Tyneside Hospital.

Their condition is described as stable and they are all being kept in for a few hours for observation.

Officers are carrying out enquiries to establish where the substance came from.

Superintendent Alan Veitch said:
"We want people to be aware of the dangers of taking drugs, including so called "legal highs".

I would like to stress that the use of legal high drugs is not safe and can kill or have a devastating impact on people's health.

These substances often contain potentially dangerous chemicals.

Anyone who misuses drugs, prescribed or non-prescribed, is putting their life at risk and people should also be aware that this risk is significantly increased if mixed with alcohol.

We are working to identify and visit premises selling these substances and will take any action necessary to ensure the safety of the public."

Anyone who needs emergency medical attention should call 999. If you have any issues relating to this information or would like advice or information about substances and their effects, please contact FRANK on 08700 77 6600 or visit