100 Days To The General Election

27 January 2015, 08:05 | Updated: 30 March 2016, 13:50

It's 100 days until the General Election and Capital's been to Redcar which is one of the North East's key marginal seats

You'll probably hear the phrase 'marginal seat' a lot in the lead up to the election - it's used in an area where it isn't obvious which party will win the most votes.

Redcar's traditionally been a Labour stronghold, with most of the people who can vote there voting for the Labour party.

But the Lib Dems got the most votes at last election, which means they win the 'seat' in Parliament.

We've been speaking to each of the four prospective parliamentary candidates ahead of the election.

You can hear what they told us below.

Hear from Labour candidate Anna Turley below:

Hear from Conservative candidate Jacob Young below:

Hear from Lib Dem candidate Josh Mason below:

Hear from UKIP candidate Chris Gallacher below: